Incentive Programs


We help companies achieve their goals by providing the finest incentive programs with measurable results. 

Incentive programs have been proven as effective with many different types of businesses: manufacturers, distributors,wholesalers, service providers,retailers, dealers,brokers, mail order houses, sales/marketingcompanies,multi-level marketers, Internet service companies, and consultants.

We can design an incentive program for your customers, distribution system, sales force, or your employees. Our incentives provide the edge that motivates your customers to buy from you or your employees to make that extra effort. And, when it comes to promotions, a right incentive will add a significant momentum.


Our incentive programs are structured to achieve set goals for your company such as:

  • -- Increase Sales Volume
  • -- Sell New Accounts
  • -- Increase Profit Margins with
        no Additional Advertising
  • -- Re-activate Dormant Accounts
  • -- Introduce New Products
  • -- Promote Higher Margin Sales
  • -- Achieve Sales Quotas
  • -- Increase Length of Service Agreements
  • -- Boost Target Product Sales
  • -- Optimal Positioning in Retail Stores
  • -- Stimulate Referrals
  • -- Gain Valuable Information on
        Potential Customers
  • -- Increase Your Customer Database
  • -- Retain Old Customers
  • -- Increase New Customer Traffic
  • -- Express Appreciation
  • -- Provide High-Value/Low-Cost Gifts
  • -- Fundraiser Incentives
  • -- Encourage Timely Payment
  • -- Gain Competitive Edge
  • -- Improve Morale
  • -- Improve Safety Records
  • -- Improve Quality or Productivity
  • -- Reduce Absenteeism
  • -- Make Your Customers Fiercely Loyal

Although we have used a variety of awards over the years, we have found that incentive travel and sports are most effective.

Unique Awards

Recognition is essential for achievement of your company´s goals. We don´t only motivate your employees, distributors, clients or customers, but we also make sure they are recognized. Unique awards that communicate the importance of their achievement as well as promote the good feeling about your company have a long-term effect. We stay away from mundane trophies and custom design awards that are meaningful. Often we use sculpture and other artistic formats to convey the message. 

Unique Gifts

Gifts, small and large are often part of incentive programs. ITM has contracts with overseas and USA manufacturers and publishers offering the unusual. 

This book is an example of a great gift that can be customized with your organization´s inserted message. Offering information on about 200 countries, it helps people from various cultures connect and communicate. It is available for bulk purchases. To qualify for a complimentary copy, E- mail or fax information on your company including your need for incentive, sports and/or meeting services.

For unique gifts of art, including art as souvenirs from your trips, please see the ART section.

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